Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Scribbling Society is back!!!

Scribbling Society are back! After a long, hard summer (oh, and autumn) VSS are in the pub at Kåren, and playing with pens, paper and scissors again...

Don't snooze this Thursday, 21st of October! Join us for some cut and paste fun!

Bring your old magazines and we'll bring the glue (and all the rest of the creativity stuff.)

Entry is free, and the pub will function just like it does on any other evening. :)

Hope to see you there!

19:00 - 23:00

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cityfestival 1st - 3rd July!

The Scribbling Society will be holding an open house (or tent rather) at the City Festival.

We'll be downtown between 2 and 9pm on Thursday the 1st, Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd with all the usual materials, books, ideas and good humor.

It'll cost 10sek to take part, and you'll be welcome to play with our pens, pencils, paints, paper, canvas, scissors, gluesticks, magazines and everything else!

Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Scribbling at the city festival

We're camping out at the city festival between the 1st and 3rd of July. More info coming soon!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Expressing some love and hate at Kåren

Angelica is kindly hosting Scribbling while we're off in the Islamic Republic that is Iran :)

She'll be expressing her love and hate in the kvällspub at Kåren with pens, pencils and finger paints. Drop in if you'd like to join in.

The pub is open as usual so you can have a meal and a drink and then get down to the serious business of creating! For 20sek we provide you with paper, inspiring books and drawing materials. You just have to provide a little imagination :)

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

//Clove and Angelica

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The great escape!

Hello scribblers!

As most of you know - the gang and I are leaving for Iran on Saturday. We'll be away for a week and consiquently miss the next scheduled Scribble meeting... so, if you want to scribble next week, it's up to you to organise it!

If anyone is interested in holding the meeting, I can make sure that all the arrangements are made before we go. Then we can have a little meeting ad we can talk through how it all works.

The meeting would be held in the Kåren pub on Thursday the 20th Maj, between 7 and 11 pm.

Mail me if you want to take control :D


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bringing some COLOUR to Kåren

Hello peeps!

It's time for another colourful evening in Kåren. This time we are going to play with some real paints . We will have all the usual stuff, but I will also bring along some of my own paints and brushes.

We have two goals:

1 - lets try and fill up some of the canvases we have started this term. I believe we now have four half full canvases. We can scribble on with pens, markers and some lovely paints.

2 - Kåren has asked me to paint something on the 'piano' wall. We've discussed something with "people enjoying themselves". We can do some sketches and bounce arround some ideas.

As usual, it will cost 20sek to take part. The pub is open, so you can come, eat, and have a drink while you're scribbling!

If you have any questions just get in touch!